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Re: dependency errors while upgrading from F10 to Rawhide (F11)

On Tue, 26 May 2009 11:43:54 +0200, Uwe wrote:

> > With a Yum-based distribution upgrade, you typically perform an upgrade in
> > two steps. First you update to the right "fedora-release" package, so
> > variables like $releasever used in your *.repo files expand to '11'
> > instead of '10'. Then you run a plain "yum update", which automatically
> > chooses the Fedora 11 repos.
> I know this procedure.

Then use it. ;)

> Do we have the F11 repos yet? I don't think so,
> because F11 is not GA.

F11 "updates" and F11 "updates-testing" _are_ available
F11 release Everything, however, is still in "development" (Rawhide).

> > The more packages in F11 Updates, the more likely you need them in order
> > to replace your F10 Updates, which may be seen as newer than F11 GA. Same
> > applies to Test Updates.
> > 
> That will be a brake a possible option from the past. :-(

No. With Yum it has always been like that and the primary reason for
creating the old upgradecheck.py script from the Fedora Extras era.

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