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Re: Package Maintainers Flags policy

On 05/22/2009 03:04 PM, Frank Murphy wrote:
> 1: Has the flags policy, anything to do with RH becoming more prominent
> on the site?
> No problem with them becoming more prominent, they do sponsor a lot.
> If yes, say so, likewise no

No. The fact that I authored the original flag policy had more to do
with my awareness of the prior unwritten "no flags" policy, and nothing
at all to do with Red Hat. Red Hat Legal did offer advice as to some of
the wording, but they did not mandate it, nor did Red Hat instigate the
creation of the flag policy.

> 2: Would our main Sponsor, suffer financially.
> As a result of inclusion of certain flags?

No. As Adam said, having a "no flags" policy would make things slightly
simpler for Red Hat to compose RHEL, but not enough to suffer any
significant financial consequence.

> 3: Would the fedora project survive, if there was no main sponsor?

Thankfully, this is a problem we do not have to be concerned about for
the time being.


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