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Re: Why not to create Fedora-us and Fedora-non-us branches?

On Tue, 26 May 2009, Stephen Gallagher wrote:

Find us a Company in Europe that is not based in the US that is willing
to fund with people and money as much as Red Hat is doing now.

Oh, Europe won't help much, there are just as many silly laws there as
there are in the US.

1) Your packets will still flow through the US anyway. 2) The US claim jurisdiction even outside their national borders and
   reserve the right to prosecute "offenses against American interests"
   according to US law, irrespective of where they take place.

In other words, you could be extradited even if the offense would not
actually be an offense in your country. For example, Dutch people have
been extradited for selling drugs to US citizens in The Netherlands,
even though marihuana is legal. (well, "its complicated")

Also, you could never set foot in the US again without getting arrested,
and most of us don't think those T-6 countries are worh that.

Is there a reason that an interested party (in a locale where such
export is legal) couldn't just create a custom spin on their own (and
using their own build system) to create a Fedora-T6 spin (or for
trademark reasons, rebrand it)? I can see this being a perfectly good
premise for setting up a SIG...

respin what? remove the crypto? Try removing nss, openssl, gnutls and
kerberos and see what's left of your system. Not much :P
And who would want it? Surely not the T6 countries :P


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