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Re: The future of firestarter

On Wed, 27 May 2009, Adam Miller wrote:

I recently picked up the firestarter package because it was orphaned
and I know a few people who still use it. There were only a couple of
small bugs opened against it so I figured I would hack at them as soon
as I was able. But this morning there was a bug filed against it to
port it to PolicyKit and I've run into two problems. 1) I know very
little about PolicyKit other than a general overview of the purpose it
serves and 2) I don't think it would really be worth doing all that
work for a package that hasn't had any upstream activity in over 4
years. So my question is this, should I orphan this package such that
someone else who feels the efforts wouldn't be wasted may take the
time to perform the work or should I just retire the package?

with no offense to the pkg itself - if it has not been maintained in that many years - then retire it.

I think, in general, we need more people willing to put out to pasture unmaintained pkgs that are in need of new development/maintainance.


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