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Re: I must be doing something seriously wrong...

Am Mittwoch, den 27.05.2009, 19:20 +0200 schrieb Jochen Schmitt:
> Christoph Wickert schrieb:
> > When the flags proposal was announced to fedora-devel, so so a public
> > decision-making could take place *before* making a policy?
> > The proposal was not announced, it's ratification nether and the policy
> > was active for months without anybody getting informed. This is what I'd
> > call a secret.
> >
> >   
> Even the title of thei policy was a bad chosen, because you may thought, 
> the the
> usage of compiler flags may be the topic of this policy.
> > Hopefully, but the original question is still unanswered then: How is a
> > deluge user supposed the realize the lack of single a function?
> >
> >   
> My opinion is to drop the flag policy entirely, so the flags should be 
> integrated
> into the application as planed by the upstream.

Let's not start this discussion again. ;) I'm glad FESCo did the right
thing by withdrawing the policy (at least for now).

> Best Regards:
> Jochen Schmitt


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