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Re: Make Fedora 11 use vx800 chipset correctly

On Thu, 2009-05-28 at 11:18 +0000, Kristaps Viesalgs wrote:
> Hi!
> Here is my problem: I am trying to Fedora LIVE USB boot properly X on
> vx800 chipset/Chrome9 integrated GPU on VED8900 netbook (VIA OpenBook
> reference design). Default driver \"openchrome\" because of
> unsupported vx800 can\'t do that. Only some snv version of this driver
> can boot X correctly.

Assuming "snv" means svn, I defer to the opinion of the openchrome
maintainer on this point.  We regularly ship svn snapshots of the
openchrome driver, but we seem to be on one from March 21.  Don't know
why it hasn't been updated yet.

> But it is only one part of prolem: using boot
> option video=vesafb vga=791, mouse cursor goes invisible. Is there any
> brutal option how to properly boot X with vesa driver, install Fedora,
> then make openchrome svn installation?

vesafb is garbage.  Don't use it.

If you install with 'xdriver=vesa', the installer will write out a
minimal config file setting the X driver to vesa.

> Is Fedora planning to make for
> VIA graphic chipset autoconfiguration utility? It would be very very
> useful.

Why would we do that when we could just package a version of the driver
that just works?

- ajax

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