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Re: Plans for tomorrow's (20090529) FESCo meeting

On Fri May 29 2009, Josh Boyer wrote:

> I don't see a problem.

Imho outdated content reduces the quality of the wiki, therefore there should 
be some garbage collection.

> If the Feature owner cares enough to keep proposing it, then FESCo will
> keep reviewing it.  Technical items change over time.  Perhaps the
> VirtualBox module will make it into the upstream kernel and the Feature
> will be viable. Or perhaps a future FESCo will revist kmods.

Did you look at the content of the feature page? Even in the very unlikely 
case that it may be included in Fedora in the future, Fedora will probably be 
the last distribution to include it, so it is also very unlikely that it even 
meats the Feature criteria. And if it does, there are only four sentences in 
the Feature page, that were not in the template.

> If the Feature owner doesn't care, then they can delete the page.  Either
> way, I don't see what the problem is with having it sit in the
> FeaturePageIncomplete category.

It seems more to me, that the Feature owner does not care, because the package 
is very incomplete and I got no response from my comment in December 2008 that 
Virtualbox won't make it into Fedora. Btw. how does the Feature owner delete 
the page? It seems to me, that this is not easily possible using the wiki 


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