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Re: Plans for tomorrow's (20090529) FESCo meeting

On Fri May 29 2009, Matej Cepl wrote:
> Till Maas, Fri, 29 May 2009 15:01:29 +0200:
> > It seems more to me, that the Feature owner does not care, because the
> > package is very incomplete and I got no response from my comment in
> > December 2008 that Virtualbox won't make it into Fedora. Btw. how does
> > the Feature owner delete the page? It seems to me, that this is not
> > easily possible using the wiki interface.
> Moreover, it has been included in The Repository Which Shall Not Be Named.

Yes, maybe I should have mentioned this, too. It allows to complete the 
feature shortly after FESCo accepts it, because the packages only need to be 
imported. Iirc the people involved are already Fedora packagers and therefore 
the review is also already kind of done.


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