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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

On 05/29/2009 04:24 AM, Chitlesh GOORAH wrote:
> On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 1:12 PM, Kushal Das wrote:
>> Yes that is true , but it does not provide any support to view that
>> content, we have many other packages in Fedora which allows to
>> download content and they download whatever format the site is
>> providing, how the users watch it, it depends on their choice.
> No, it doesn't (not till it is approved) not depend on the user's
> choice. My package OVM was blocked by FESCo because there was no
> opensource simulator. So if the downloaded videos aren't under an
> opensource compatible format, FESCo must rule out its package review.
I think these are actually very different cases.  OVM is content which
is useless without code that can deal with it.  There is a lack of
opensource code to deal with it.  Therefore it is useless in our
out-of-the-box distribution.  What you're arguing about here is that
open source code exists whose primary purpose is to download things from
the internet.  None of that is impacted by whether the content being
downloaded can be viewed out of the box or not.

Note that I disagree with FESCo's decision on OVM so I'm not necessarily
any better at interpreting how FESCo's decision affects other packages
than you.


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