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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

> - yum

as I said I demand for a list even if it's with false positives

> Couldn't it be the job of those who care to maintain this list in the
first place ?

no problem, just give me a procedural way other than watching all
packages in pkgdb [so that I catch them before they are submitted to
the repo]

my proposal is like this when someone wants to pack something for
fedora and he himself or the upstream wants to tells us about it, then
he knows how todo that and where to place his note

no more, no less, I have just wrote how do I think about that list


stop censorship conspiracy theory.
I don't care what does the the law in US, UK, AU say
I care about the little daughter of some brother in this universe.

law-makers in most countries think of holes then design their laws
around the holes.

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