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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

On Fri, 2009-05-29 at 13:51 +0200, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> Sorry I don't know this software but as someone already pointed - it's 
> opensource, it can be used to download other content.

Actually it can't.  It's hard coded to download the porn from one
specific website that acts as a porn directory.  Hardcoded in C even,
you'd have to significantly patch the source in order to use this
software for any other purpose.

That is the single most significant difference between it and
p0rn-comfort.  p0rn-comfort has no preset configuration, hardcoded or
not.  YOU the user have to tell it what image sites to gather from, and
you have to find those sites via your browser.

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- FreedomĀ² is a feature!
identi.ca: http://identi.ca/jkeating

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