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Re: Plans for tomorrow's (20090529) FESCo meeting

On 05/29/2009 09:47 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:

> There is a solution to this particular point, which it seems many who
> use kmods don't seem to know about: akmods. Install the akmod for your
> kmod, and if the pre-built kmod hasn't yet been updated when a new
> kernel is released, the akmod handles the problem (it gets automatically
> built at boot time).
I've used dkms (the infrastructural package is in Fedora although
there's no modules in fedora to use it).  It seems similar to what you

> That doesn't address all the other problems, of course, which are valid.
> And it doesn't help if the new kernel happens to have changed the
> interface somehow so the module source doesn't build any more. But there

This ended up being the blocker for my personal use.  For FESCo, I
remember the requirement that gcc and other build tools were needed on
an end user system was a big issue.


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