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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

> You're just transferring the work. In order to *generate* the list of
> tens of packages to make _your_ life easier, someone else has to inspect
> the tens of thousands of packages.
I forgot to mention that I'm not the only one who cares
think of OLPC having a pre-installed something similar to gnaughty  by
default how would it appear after the "G for Gun" issue

some schools have fedora installed on their students desktops, I guess
they too needs to know such packages.
making each of them individually inspecting all packages is not an option.

> However, you haven't proposed it as that; you seem to have proposed it as a packaging guideline.

in the beginning I did not proposed a packaging guideline
but I was told to make it a packaging guideline proposal

I asked for a unified wiki page that packagers should know that it
exists and they have the right to add to it.

> There is no enforcement involved. If that proposal is too Difficult/complex to implement it can be rejected. If a packager is unwilling to put such a classification in his package then it's up to the people concerned to work it out.

it's a wiki page, if the packager was unwilling to put such
classification then he have no right to stop the reviewer from editing
the wiki page and if they both where unwilling to do so, they both
have no right from stopping the first offended user from editing the
wiki page, that's all.
so I can't see  when it can cause a package to be rejected.

> what is allowed or not allowed because one can not assume that everyone thinks the same way

this is not about allowing or not allowing packages or content.
It's about a place to know what packages that might be offensive or
inappropriate and each group should expect this list to have false

> Also, others may have said this, but the word demand is a 'violent'
word in English. It intones harsh consequences if one's wants are not
met and is one that causes fear and anger as a result. I am not sure
you mean that.

I said I'm sorry.
anyway some dictionary says < http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/demand

to call for or require as just, proper, or necessary: This task
demands patience. Justice demands objectivity.

and of course I feel that I asked for something that is just and
proper and necessary.
but I did not mean to force it.

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