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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

> it's a wiki page, if the packager was unwilling to put such
> classification then he have no right to stop the reviewer from editing
> the wiki page and if they both where unwilling to do so, they both
> have no right from stopping the first offended user from editing the
> wiki page, that's all.
> so I can't see  when it can cause a package to be rejected.

You do realize that it's probably what is going to happen the most
often: neither the packager nor the reviewer will care and add the
package to the wiki page.

Sure, maybe we'll try to be educated and add our packages to the wiki
page in the beginning. But after some time, if it's not enforced, we
(those who do not care) will just forget it.

So I'm afraid that in the end, you (and those who care) will be the
ones maintaining such a list.

Now if that's what you want, others said it before: just do it, no one
will stop you.

Create the wiki page with a note about the fact that there might be
false positives and that this is not mandatory to enter the Fedora
repositories, add the few packages you know might be offensive to some
people, and advertise the page here, closing this discussion in the
same time :)

Those who care will help you, those who don't will continue not caring
or maybe try to discipline themselves and add their potentially
offensive packages to the list.



Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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