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Re: gnaughty is a hot babe

does the upstream web site for evolution carries a note that it's not
suitable for certain group of users ?
does the maintainers or reviewers see that it should ?

am I the only one who knows that "if p then q" will evaluate to T when p=F

yes, I hope that no one in fedora project pack nudity images in
official repos of fedora, but I have no power to stop them from doing
so, that's way I suggested when someone want's to do let he warn us in
a wiki page if he or his upstream carries such a note.

some one asked me to pay the rating fees for every package!
other started to give me examples about different people having
different opinions
I consider all this is off-topic.

yes, English is not my first language, and law is not one of my
interests, and for sure there exists a better phrasing of the page

but nobody have shown me a serious problem in that page

> Don't tie words together, separate them with spaces (MediaWiki will transform them in underscores).

ok that's an easy task

> Also, those packages are not inappropriate. They _might be_.
let's say Suggested_Inappropriate_Packages_Advisory
but I guess that Advisory and Suggested carries same meaning
I think we should go with one of the two words (either Suggested or Advisory)

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