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Re: Why not to create Fedora-us and Fedora-non-us branches?

Stephen Gallagher wrote:
 > Is there a reason that an interested party (in a locale where such
export is legal) couldn't just create a custom spin on their own (and
using their own build system) to create a Fedora-T6 spin (or for
trademark reasons, rebrand it)? I can see this being a perfectly good
premise for setting up a SIG...

I thing such regional "spins" exists now. For example RussianFedora in Russian [1]. It includes mp3 codec and many other, because Russia do not admit software patents.

Furthermore, it is not just "illegal spin", [2] cite:
At a key meeting with Werner Knoblich, Red Hat Vice President for EMEA, he announced support for a Russian Fedora association and for Red Hat development in the Russian Federation. He also expressed support for open source infrastructure and applications, and the development of a repository for industry best practice.
Both Red Hat and VDEL, the organizers of Russian Fedora projects, will provide this center with financial and technological support and also help to build the wider local and international IT industry network needed for this Ministry initiative
=====end cite=====

So, it is inspired by RedHat and it is not set any barrier to ship it with software what prohibited in main Fedora!

So, back to main question - this is example of Europe-based infrastructure. On that any who wish may build self own spins as I think.

[1] http://russianfedora.ru/
[2] http://www.osldistribution.com/news (second news)

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