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Re: Wodim trouble

Le Lun 2 novembre 2009 11:29, Ankur Sinha a écrit :
> hi,
> I've filed a bug[1] against wodim not burning dvds correctly. While
> browsing through another bug[2] on wodim, I came across this comment[3].
> "wodim is completely unmaintained since May 6th 2007, don't
> expect to see any fixes anytime soon as long as Redhat
> continues to distribute wodim instead of the original software."
> Can someone please clear this up?

You can ignore Jörg Schilling. He managed to antagonize everyone else
Linux-side¹, and now complains no one wants to use his cdrecord versions.

IIRC after burning bridges Linux-side he launched an OpenSolaris distro named
Schillix. I think it was not a big success either for pretty much the same
communication reasons.

¹ Adding « informative » messages such as « Linux device naming is stupid, my
tools use better conventions, why are not you installing a sane OS like
Solaris instead » (paraphrased from memory)

Nicolas Mailhot

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