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Re: Font rendering slightly degraded in recent rawhide

Le Lun 2 novembre 2009 18:36, Roberto Ragusa a écrit :

> I've never said that Luxi fonts are better than DejaVu fonts.
> What I've said is that there is no alternative to Luxi Mono
> if one wants a serif monospaced font.
> I like to have a serif font in my shell; I find it more readable,
> even at small size.

It depends on how serify you want it of course. You have many monospace fonts
that are more serify than DejaVu Sans Mono without using all the serifs you'd
expect in a completely serif font (Anonymous Pro, Incosolata, etc). Monospace
is pretty much the antithesis of serif, subtle serifs look good at high
resolution on paper, monospace is used on computer screens at low res. Serif
monos usually end up with courrier-like blocky serifs.

And lastly, Verily shows DejaVu Serif could be mono-ified, if someone was
willing to pour some energy in it (http://delubrum.org/)

Nicolas Mailhot

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