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Re: Wodim trouble

>On the other hand trying to build Jörg's stuff isn't easy on Fedora. And
>might not even work as he likes to use a interface that was depreciated
>a while back for talking to the cd/dvd drives.

I would guess that you are not informed correctly.

My software easily compiles on more than 30 different OS platforms by just 
calling "make". Well, there are many well known bugs in gmake and gmake before 
3.81 will not work at all. This is why I recommend to use my "smake". Note 
that smake is much older than gmake and works on more different platforms
that gmake does. 

I know that some Linux distributions ship with the broken original Linux kernel
include files. On such distros, you will have problems to compile any software 
that supports linux specific features....

If you have problems compiling cdrtools, I recommend you to first start with the
complete Schily source distribution from:


as this will first compile a bootstrap "smake" and then use this "smake" to 
compile the rest.

Note that I cannot check all platforms for oddities on a regular base as I don't
own all the needed hardware. I however do regular full compiles and tests on the
following platforms:

HP-UX 10.20 on HPPA
HP-UX 11.11
Haiku (a BEOS clone)
FragonFly BSD
Linux (various flavors)
Mac OS X

All platform compiles are done in 32 _and_ 64 bit on platforms that support 64 

If you have proplems on your specific platform, I recommend that you make a 


 EMail:joerg schily isdn cs tu-berlin de (home) Jörg Schilling D-13353 Berlin
       js cs tu-berlin de                (uni)  
       joerg schilling fokus fraunhofer de (work) Blog: http://schily.blogspot.com/
 URL:  http://cdrecord.berlios.de/private/ ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/schily

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