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Re: Wodim trouble

>That may be true, but since cdrecord is not shippable, it's a pretty
>vacuous truth.  The solution is obviously to fix the bug and help revive
>upstream, or else host a development tree on fh if upstream stays idle.

Note that is is just the other way:

It is cdrkit that is undistributable as it is cdrkit that in conflict with 
the Copyright law and the GPL.

Cdrtools has been checked for legal problems by several lawyers including
the Sun legal department and none could find any legal problem.

Cdrkit was created by a hostile downstream, see:


and nobody so far was able to prove the claims about so called license
problems spread by Eduard Bloch by using quotes from the GPL text.

The problem with the existence is a social problem and we, the people
in the OSS community need to fid a way to deal with this social problem.

Libburn is no alternative too: it misses most important features it is 
non-prtable and we recently learned that the Authors of libburn do not
care much about where they take the software from. Note that they claimed not 
to use any bit from the original cdrtools project's source but they really did 
use code from cdrtools. I would call this a social problem....


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