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Re: Fedora PPC for oldworld Mac?

On 09-11-02 13:07:09, Dan Williams wrote:

> oldworld topped out at 366MHz anyway right?  (the 333 and 366 Beige 
> G3 were only sold from 1998-08-12 -> 1999-01-01 too)  That's pretty 
> much the minimum you'd need to run Fedora anyway these days...  Not 
> sure it's really worth it, you'll need at least 256MB of RAM anyway, 
> and those things used 168-pin 3.3V DIMMs which are pretty hard to 
> find these days.

FWIW, my machine, a beige G3, is 233 MHz and has accumulated 416 MiB 
over the years.  It handles Debian Lenny Iceweasel OK, but then, my 
main computer is a 1.2 GHz Athlon.

> The Blue & White G3 was the first New World machine I think.


> Remember too that you'll need your boot partition within the first 
> 8GB of the drive as the firmware can't handle booting from a 
> partition which ends anywhere past that.

I'm using BootX, so it's not an issue.  (Fiddling with buggy 
openfirmware seems like something to avoid, anyway.)

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