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Re: Wodim trouble

Bastien Nocera <bnocera redhat com> wrote:

> > The person from the GNOME project just verified that he attacks people who are 
> > helpful. He does not seem to be important.
> The person being Olav Vitters, one of the GNOME bugmasters, and that was
> at my request, after you polluted the GNOME Bugzilla with rants about
> your inadequately licensed software. Pur-lease.

Everybody can check the GNOME bugtracking system himself and verify that I have 
been banned for explaining the _technical_ background of a reported bug and for 
giving instructions on how to work around the problem.

It is obvious that Olav Vitters (and ayou??) made a social attack against an author 
of OpenSource software.

You are not very convincing.......


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