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Re: Wodim trouble

Julian Sikorski <belegdol gmail com> wrote:

> Ok, putting the ad personam arguments aside, there are two important facts:
> - cdrecord is still under active development, but there might be a
> problem with distributability (Sun lawyers say there is not, but I guess

There is no problem with distributibility as Sun would risk being sued
if there legal department was wrong. I still do not understand why Companies
like Redhat do not siply ask their lawyers for legal assistence. If they did,
they would have better advise about cdrtools.

> RH would like to make their own legal review to be on the safe side)
> - cdrkit is in sort of maintenance mode, and it does not support UDF
> filesystem for DVD discs correctly, and the situation is unlikely to improve

Cdrkit is unmaitained and has legal problems. Companies who distribute cdrkit
ignore the legal problems and need to be aware of legal consequences.

> - libburn is also developed actively, but it lacks UDF support as well [1]
> So, while waiting for libburn to improve, we could either take over
> cdrkit development, or do a(nother) legal review of cdrecord. It seems
> that the latter should be simpler, given that it's a one-time effort.

Libburn is based on a wrong asumption: libburn only works partly on Linux in 
non-root mode and the vast majority of other OS needs root permissions to burn.
Creating a burn library (well it is non-portable) based on these constraints 
will result in GUI applications that are non-portable and would require root
permissions on most platforms. Installing a GUI suid root is an absolute no-go
as GUIs are so compley that it is hard to audit the code for security problems.


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