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Re: Wodim trouble

2009/11/3, Joerg Schilling <Joerg Schilling fokus fraunhofer de>:
> Fortunately, you are of limited relevance and other people did not behave
> hostile but friendly ;-)
Sorry Joerg,

but Imho it isn't friendly to come to a booth, thump the table and
say: "Remove illegal software from fedora distribution, mature at the
end of the year, or I will sue you." This isn't a friendly way.

The booth-personnel and the bystanders didn't know with this action
WHO you are or WHAT do you really want.. btw it's imho a little bit
duffy to come with this request to a booth on an event like
"Chemnitzer Linux Tage".

The quality of the content of your Messages sometimes extremly differs
from your behavior, your way how you tell it. Perhaps it is me (as a
woman) who is very sensitive in that case.

Perhaps this is sometimes the reason that differs the pov of your
counterpart "you have the point" from "you are a troll". Think about
it, perhaps twice!
Josephine "Fine" Tannhäuser

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