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Re: Wodim trouble

On Tue, 3 Nov 2009, King InuYasha wrote:

GPLv2: End of Section 3, middle of the paragraph right after clause 3c.GPLv3: Explicit separate definition in Section 1.

GPLv2 Quote:

"The source code for a work means the preferred form of the work for making modifications to it. For an executable work,
complete source code means all the source code for all modules it contains, plus any associated interface definition
files, plus the scripts used to control compilation and installation of the executable. However, as a special exception,
the source code distributed need not include anything that is normally distributed (in either source or binary form) with
the major components (compiler, kernel, and so on) of the operating system on which the executable runs, unless that
component itself accompanies the executable."

GPLv3 Quote:

"The “System Libraries” of an executable work include anything, other than the work as a whole, that (a) is included in
the normal form of packaging a Major Component, but which is not part of that Major Component, and (b) serves only to
enable use of the work with that Major Component, or to implement a Standard Interface for which an implementation is
available to the public in source code form. A “Major Component”, in this context, means a major essential component
(kernel, window system, and so on) of the specific operating system (if any) on which the executable work runs, or a
compiler used to produce the work, or an object code interpreter used to run it."

I hope this satisfies you.

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