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Re: A question about allow_unconfined_mmap_low in f11 amd selinux

On Tue, 2009-11-03 at 21:31 +0000, Mike Cloaked wrote:
> For people running wine or Crossover and using MS Office 2003 and related codes
> it is necessary to do:
> # setsebool -P allow_unconfined_mmap_low 1
> To prevent AVC denials.
> However there is recent publicity at 
> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/11/03/linux_kernel_vulnerability/
> which highlights that there is still a vulnerability in the kernel if this is
> set.
> For people running f11 with this boolean set how can one run wine and still
> remain secure? i.e. what should an admin do to protect the system?

You can't.

If I'm being slightly less flip: run wine in a kvm instance with selinux
disabled, forward X to the host.

- ajax

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