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Re: Fedora 12 now in RC freeze

We are reaching a *very* deep freeze now as we try and get a final
release candidate for Fedora 12. Bodhi is now open for submitting
F-12 updates, and we hope to have update repositories for testing
later this weekend.

If you have critical blocking issues, you can continue to file
tag requests with 'make tag-request', and they will be considered.
For the majority of updates, though, please use bodhi.

Fedora release engineering

Fedora 12 looks very well. But it seems that some components of GNOME has been removed or disappeared. 

For example, system-config-selinux disappears. I can not find it in the retired packages list. Is it merged into another package?

I read some documents about gnome-2.28 on Fedora wiki. There should be a tab named as  "Interface tab and enable"  in the System->Preferences->Appearance. As a matter of fact. It is used to enable the icons for the buttons. However, no one find out it. 

Another things, I still consider the 'Main Menu' preference dialog should be reserved. I believe that many guys will customize their Gnome menu. As so many users will use it, Why remove alacarte by default? 'Show Desktop' applet in the gnome panel is the same with 'Main Menu'. I request to add them by default. 

Liang Suilong

Fight for freedom!!!!(3F)
Ask not what your Linux distro can do for you!
Ask what you can do for your Linux distro!

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