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Re: Fedora 12 now in RC freeze

On 06/11/09 14:32, Steve Grubb wrote:
On Thursday 05 November 2009 11:40:36 am Bill Nottingham wrote:
We are reaching a *very* deep freeze now as we try and get a final
release candidate for Fedora 12. Bodhi is now open for submitting
F-12 updates, and we hope to have update repositories for testing
later this weekend.

If you have critical blocking issues, you can continue to file
tag requests with 'make tag-request', and they will be considered.
For the majority of updates, though, please use bodhi.

Is something not setup right with cvs? In a F-12 branch when I do "make build"
I get an error:

koji: error: Destination tag dist-f12 is locked

How do we make updates to put in bodhi?

Perhaps you need to update your "common" area so that F-12 builds target dist-f12-updates-candidate rather than dist-f12?


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