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Re: GRUB2 In Fedora

On 03/11/09 08:25, Joshua C. wrote:
2009/11/3 Liang Suilong<liangsuilong gmail com>:
Some Linux distros has migrated from grub-0.97 to grub2-1.97. Grub2 provides
more useful features to users. And it is more easy to add a new  file system
support. But I can not see Fedora has any plan for GRUB2. I read a feature
page on Fedora wiki. There is no progress on grub2.
Now Fedora official repo offers grub2 package. However the version is quite
strange. Fedora provides grub2-1.98. In fact, this version was 1.96 grabbed
from svn repo on Aug 27th, 2008. Also, maintainer adds some patches to fix
the bug. But GNU released grub2-1.97 just now.
In addition, I try to write grub2 into MBR of the HDD. I do not know why. Is
there a bug in grub2?
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I don't see any need for this. The current grub (0.97) can boot from
ext4, works fine with windows and other distros and has almost (no)
other issues. why to fix it when it ain't broken?

maybe because that's fedora's way, to be using the latest and greatest to help push linux development along?


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