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Re: odd file requires

Seth Vidal wrote:
> Take a look through, see if you see a package you're responsible for
> and, if you can, figure out a way to not need the file-requires.

In the case of puppet (and probably some of the others listed in the
/usr/share/emacs/site-lisp section), puppet provides an emacs file,
but it also owns %{_datadir}/emacs so as not to require emacs.  AFAIK,
since puppet provides this file, the filelists don't need to be
downloaded to resolve the dep.  At least, I don't recall ever seeing
it download them when I've installed or updated puppet.

In the bug requesting the puppet emacs/vim stuff┬╣, I did ask whether
making subpackages was preferable to including them in the main
package and owning the common dirs.  I still could go either way on
that.  No one else on Cc: in the bug seemed to have an opinion.

Thanks for looking into these kinds of details Seth!

┬╣ https://bugzilla.redhat.com/491437

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