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Are conflicts in debuginfo packages OK?

Hello, could someone help me understand the rules about file conflicts and 
debuginfo packages?

I thought there was a rule that if the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of a package 
provide the same file, then the file's contents must be identical in both 
packages, with an exception for binary executable files in standard locations 
like /usr/bin. Now I've noticed that lots of debuginfo packages seem to be 
violating this rule. The debuginfo packages put files in /usr/lib/debug/usr/bin 
and similar directories, and the exception doesn't seem to apply to these 
directories, because RPM complains about conflicts when I try to install both 
architecture versions of a debuginfo package.

I don't see that I as a packager can do anything to prevent these conflicts. 
Shall I conclude that I don't need to care about conflicts between architecture 
versions of debuginfo packages? Or shall I try to avoid conflicts in debuginfo 
packages for libraries, but not for programs? I think I can avoid debuginfo 
conflicts in packages that provide only libraries, but maybe I shouldn't 

Björn Persson

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