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Re: Are conflicts in debuginfo packages OK?

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Frank Ch. Eigler (fche redhat com) said:
> > > I'm guessing that "we don't offer them multilib" means that 32-bit
> > > debuginfo packages aren't meant to be installed on 64-bit systems,
> > > so I'll take this to mean that I shouldn't bother doing anything to
> > > avoid conflicts.
> >
> > Well, hold on, debuginfo for multilib'd libraries like glibc should be
> > absolutely installable in parallel.
> Not unless someone changes the layout of debuginfo entirely, as they
> use common paths:
> /usr/src/debug/<source tree name>

I think can handle those. For true source code files there is no problem, 
because they will be identical in both packages. Generated files can be placed 
in separate subdirectories, for example
/usr/src/debug/<source tree name>/%{_arch}.
This may of course require more or less complicated patches to makefiles or 
other build scripts. I'm trying to find out wheter I should do this.

> /usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/...

Those are the ones I can't do anything about on my own, but perhaps the same 
exception could be applied there as in /usr/bin?

Björn Persson

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