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Re: rpms/iptstate/F-12 iptstate.spec,1.21,1.22

On Wed, 11 Nov 2009 09:17:58 +0000 (UTC), Paul wrote:

> Author: stingray
> Update of /cvs/pkgs/rpms/iptstate/F-12

>  %changelog
> +* Tue Nov 10 2009 Paul P. Komkoff Jr <i stingr net> - 2.2.2-2
> +- rebuild for libnetfilter_conntrack-0.0.100
> +
> +* Tue Nov 10 2009 Thomas Woerner <twoerner redhat com> 2.2.2-1
> +- new version 2.2.2
> +- removed upstream strerror patch
> +- fixed package description (rhbz#140516)
> +

Caution! Dude, you should slow down quite a bit and give all this a second

You have not yet committed and built the new libnetfilter_conntrack
upgrade for F-12. Rebuilding the other packages for F-12 won't work
correctly because of that. They are built against the old library. 

Take your time. Update your cvs working-directory with "cvs up -d" to get
the F-12 branch, then follow Fedora procedures for this ABI-incompatible
library upgrade (which means to request a koji buildroot override tag from
Fedora Release Engineering so the new libnetfilter_conntrack for F-12 will
be made available in the koji buildroot _prior_ to pushing it into the
stable updates repository. That way you can prepare all rebuilds without
pushing any incompatible upgrades into the stable repo). If you need help,
ask your sponsor, or ask on this list.

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