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Re: Fedora 12 has gone gold

Am Montag, den 09.11.2009, 17:29 -0800 schrieb Jesse Keating:
> We have just completed our Go / No Go meeting for Fedora 12 and have
> reached the decision to Go.  Fedora 12's package set is golden and we're
> ready to stage things for shipping.  Great work all around, I'm very
> proud of this release.  I'm sure there will be more back patting and
> hand shaking to come, but Will Woods would like to remind everybody that
> it's just 11 weeks until Fedora 13 Alpha freeze!

Does that mean, preupgrade to rawhide will bring in the f12 packages? If
so, there is a major issue with anaconda that crashes upon detecting the
harddrives. This is a little bit troubling since I have nothing exotic
here, just two sata hds.

I saved the debug report, but without storage I probably saved it to a
ram disk. 
If anyone can help me figuring out how to get a stacktrace to a running
machine (except for pen&paper), I would be able to bring  up some
valuable information about that crash.



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