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Re: netcdf update and soname bump

On 11/11/2009 04:38 PM, Orion Poplawski wrote:
On 11/11/2009 10:17 AM, Orion Poplawski wrote:
I'm about to build a netcdf 4.1.0 beta snapshot for F-13. This is a
soname bump (libnetcdf.so.4 -> libnetcdf.so.6). It also enables the
netcdf4, dap, and ncgen4 features of netcdf.

There are some linking issues to work out upstream, and some packages
don't expect to have to link to additional libraries in addition to
-lnetcdf. If you have trouble, you can work around for now with adding
the following to your configure line:

LIBS="$(pkg-config netcdf --libs)"

I think I've fixed the netcdf/hdf5 linkage issue, so this should not be required.

Orion Poplawski
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