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Re: abrt / kernel oops issue

On 11/12/2009 10:50 AM, Dan Williams wrote:

If you have an oops or BUG of any sort, I think that sets the taint flag
for further oops reports, because after the first one you can't really
trust that the stacktrace or internal kernel structures aren't
corrupted.  Most of the time they aren't, but you simply can't trust
that.  So I'd expect the first one to be untainted, and then subsequent
oops reports to have the taint flag set.

I see.. I'll have to reboot and see if the first one is not being marked as tainted.

Of course if you start loading random kernel modules that didn't come
with the kernel itself, you can also taint the kernel.  If you have
staging drivers loaded, you'll have the taint_crap flag set because
staging drivers are crap.

I'm not manually loading anything, and the only module I have loaded that isn't part of the kernel rpm package itself is Virtualbox. Which I can remove or not load to see if it makes a difference. I have to also note that I didn't even know I was having kernel oops until abrt popped up.

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