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FESCO ticket#270 - preupgrade and F-12

Greetings folks,

After careful review by Will Woods around recently discovered problems
related to preupgrading to Fedora 12, I've filed ticket#270
(https://fedorahosted.org/fesco/ticket/270) for discussion at the next
FESCO meeting.  Please take a moment to read the details in the ticket. 

The high-level summary from Will ...

        preupgrade to F12 is basically not going to work for anyone
        without significant manual workarounds, due to insufficient disk
        space on /boot. I think we may need to talk to hughsie and/or
        the desktop team about removing the preupgrade integration in
        PackageKit for F10/F11 and how to do preupgrade right for F13
        and higher.

Most of the folks impacted by this proposal are already informed.
However, as per the FESCO meeting guidelines [1], I'm sending this to
fedora-devel-list for wider discussion.



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