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Re: Identifying remaining core font users

Le jeudi 12 novembre 2009 à 22:47 +0100, Patrice Dumas a écrit :


> Cernlib is already legacy, so it wouldn't be so bad that the graphical
> stuff in cernlib doesn't work. Also it is not clear that it uses that
> much directly X, but rather goes through Motif. Maybe Xm* symbols 
> should not be taken into account?

Going through Motif or another widget lib does not change the problem.
Apps will be affected the same whether they access Core fonts directly
or through a proxy.

In fact the next step is probably to identify such indirect users (the
current check caught Motif apps, but gtk1 have the same problem).

Deciding if the app has a future of if it's ok it fails is a judgment
call I refuse to hardwire in the checker. Packagers will receive
notifications and decide what they do with them alone.

(however that *also* means someone who decided to keep a core client in
Fedora after being notified of the risks gets to explain the breakage if
some user complains it works less and less well)

> > • wmctrl wmctrl-0:1.07-7.fc12
> >   — /usr/bin/wmctrl
> This is a use of XCreateFontCursor. Is it really in the scope?

Yes, this was already on the list of things not to warn about. Sorry
about not posting about it. I wanted to do a full repo check before
reporting again, but due to the number of packages checked it takes a
long time (hours) to run and I have to rewind every time I find a bug in
the script.

Nicolas Mailhot

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