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Re: FESCO ticket#270 - preupgrade and F-12

Sorry for breaking thread:

> There are definitely workarounds available, but none that meet the
> criteria for preupgrade as an effortless upgrade option.

So I'm a bit confused by what is so hard here.  preupgrade starts up,
finds it can't store stage2, and then tells you that you'll need to have a
wired connection to the internet if you want to use it.  So you have to
download stage2 when you reboot and you have to cart your laptop over to the
router to plug it in while it does so... it's not like I'm going to be using
it for work while anaconda is running....

I mean, in order to achieve the same thing without preupgrade, I'd have to
get on IRC, ask skvidal for a script to dep solve against F12 and download
the packages.  Then I'd need to remember where the stage1 initird and kernel
live in the download tree, grab them, and drop them in /boot.  Then I'd need
to modify grub.conf to add an entry for them.  And I either have to figure
out the magic kernel commandline options to specify where everything lives at
or I have to figure out where everything belongs in a repository I build
somewhere locally.  Ugh.  That's a lot of steps and a lot of memorizing that
preupgrade encodes for me.  The fact that stage2 needs to be (automatically)
downloaded after I reboot is a truly trivial thing here.


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