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Re: Identifying remaining core font users

Le jeudi 12 novembre 2009 à 21:25 -0600, Chris Adams a écrit :

> Xaw and core fonts are not something new programs should use, but they
> still work.  Are they really a significant maintenance issue?
Core fonts are an issue for anyone working on X or Linux fonts. You may
think this year's big X11 news was driver changes or render magic, but
for many people it was that emacs finally released an official stable
version that didn't use them (even though they kept the old path as
fallback, probably because they don't trust 100% their new code)

Every single legacy xorg font package fails validation, because many
fonts of this era have incomplete metadata (you could cheat and put the
info manually in fonts.dir and no one was the wiser, except people who
ran mkfontdir and got garbage indexes as output). I doubt we'll find
people willing to fix them.

Nicolas Mailhot

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