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Re: "make tag" failure doesn't fail right?

>>>>> Thomas Janssen  writes:

> 2009/11/15 Braden McDaniel <braden endoframe com>:
>> I did:
>>        $ make tag
>> and got:
>>        cvs tag  -c openvrml-0_18_3-11_fc13        cvs tag:
>> openvrml.spec is locally modified        cvs [tag aborted]: correct
>> the above errors first!
>> Whoops.  And so I proceeded to commit the outstanding changes that
>> I'd forgotten to commit.  Once I'd done that, I went to tag again:
>>        $ make tag        cvs tag  -c openvrml-0_18_3-11_fc13      
>>  ERROR: Tag openvrml-0_18_3-11_fc13 has been already created.       
>>  The following tags have been created so far        .         .     
>>    .         openvrml-0_18_3-11_fc13:devel:braden:1258273475      
>>  cvs tag: Pre-tag check failed        cvs [tag aborted]: correct the
>> above errors first!
>> Uh oh.
>> Did my previous "make tag" actually succeed?

> But not for your spec file. You could increase the Release version in
> your spec file, commit the changes, and run make tag normally. Or use:
> TAG_OPTS=-F make tag

> WARNING! The latter only as long as you have not built the package!

> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Using_CVS_FAQ_for_package_maintainers#How_to_request_builds.3F

Right, but what I think Braden (and I) would expect by the principle of
least surprise is that "make tag" should *first* check whether any files
are locally modified, and refuse to run the "cvs tag" command until all
locally modified files were committed.

Otherwise it creates unnecessary incrementing of the spec file or nasty
"-F" contortions.  I will file a bug about that if there isn't one
already when I get a chance later.


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