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Re: A silly question about our "FC" tag

On 11/17/2009 09:08 AM, Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Henrique Junior wrote on 16.11.2009 23:57:
I have a question that may sound a little stupid, but that came as I
write a short article about some Fedora's curiosities.

Why are our packages still using the tag "f*c*X", "f*c*Y", "f*c*W" since
Fedora does not use “*Core*” in his name anymore?

I know it's an almost irrelevant question, but the article is just about
small curiosities and I could not think in a better place to ask.

I don't care much about the "c", but we IMHO really should get rid of a
disttag in rawhide that is related to the release cycle when a package
got build. Only then we can avoid confusion like "why are there packages
with .fc11 on my F12 machine/in the F12 repos" which IMHO come up way to
often and seem to highly confuse people.

I still vote for using ".1" as %dist in rawhide all the time(¹), as that
is higher then (for example) ".fc12"(²). But that suggestion was shot
down last time I brought it up one or two years ago.
IMO, this proposal is silly and was shot down for valid reasons.

Has anybody any better idea?
Keep things as they are. I don't see any reason for any change.


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