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Re: RFC: Btrfs snapshots feature for F13

On 11/17/2009 12:05 PM, Josef Bacik wrote:

Sure, this isn't a perfect solution, it's just a nice to have feature
if you care for it.  It's nice to take a complete snapshot of your
system right before you update just in case something goes horribly
wrong and you lose say configuration files or some such.  If you
modified other things and have to rollback, you can always just mount
the newer snapshot when you boot into the old snapshot and copy the
new data that you want back.  This isn't for the faint of heart, I
envisioned it really for people who want to play the rawhide game with
less exposure to its instability.  Thanks,

I've long wanted to help with fedora rawhide a bit more but only really have it on the one computer I work on. So this would make it possible for me to do that. I think that's great.

I have a few questions. Suppose I do an update, and it breaks X or some other important piece for me. I reboot into my previous snapshot. From there I continue to work.

Do I have to remove the 'future' snapshot I came back from to continue working in that snapshot? Or is that just best practice. If I move forward, I'd have to move all the work I did in that snapshot to the head/snapshot that just got fixed with an update...

Just thinking out loud here.

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