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Status of maven 2.2.1 update in rawhide

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the cross-list posting, but the matter is of interest to both
lists afaict, as I have seen messages related to maven on both.

As some of you might know, we intend to put maven 2.2.1 in rawhide. The
new maven will be a completely re-written rpm, one that should be a lot
easier to maintain, and much more stable. All progress related to this 
upgrade is now on the wiki:


Updates/new packages for dependencies will be a significant effort. Once 
we (Andrew Overholt, Alexander Kurtakov and myself) start work on that, we 
will need all the help we can get :) So if you are interested in helping, 
or just tracking progress -- that is the page to subscribe to/check out!

I'll send one more mail to this list when work on dependencies starts.


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