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Re: Xorg and multitouch


   > Multitouch means, several mousepointers and you can move them all
   > seperately.

No, that's what multi-pointer means.  Multi-Pointer X is already in

   > Gesture support is, you make a certain sign with a mousepointer,
   > and a certain action is triggered.
   > Would be cool to see both together. I mean, several independent
   > mousepointers, with each you can make a different gesture and
   > different actions are triggered. ^^

I'm sure you can achieve this gesture support today, again using MPX
in F12.

Multitouch refers to technologies that involve extrapolating from
motion of finger-shaped blobs on your input device to the idea that
a user has performed some continuous motion with said finger(s), and
reacting appropriately.  It's not the same as multi-pointer X, but it
does use the same core technology.

- Chris.
Chris Ball   <cjb laptop org>
One Laptop Per Child

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