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Re: Review request...

may be, but sponsors or reviewers doesn't have entire day free time.

I have only asked reporter to post spec file + src.rpm file.

> The difference being that *you* point out a specific item in the
> guidelines (helpful!) whereas the reviewer pointed at the top-level Wiki
> page for maintainers only. What the heck? Comment 10 in that ticket is
> either a bad joke or poor attitude, IMO. If everybody were aware of all
> guidelines, remembered them all the time and never made mistakes, we would
> not need the review process and not the sponsorship process either.
> With regard to the sub-packages and the dozens of conditionals, at
> least making use of %bcond_with based conditional builds would be
> worthwhile. See e.g. /usr/lib/rpm/macros for "bcond" documentation.


Itamar Reis Peixoto

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