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Re: Promoting i386 version over x86_64?

King InuYasha wrote:
> In any case, 32-bit shouldn't be considered legacy until every type of
> computer sold is 64-bit. And the fact is, that isn't true.

It already basically was before netbooks came and turned the clock back. :-(

> Netbooks are entirely 32-bit currently

Yeah, they're a huge step backwards (and not just for 64-bit computing, but 
also for CPU speed, RAM, disk space (especially where SSDs are used instead 
of the traditional HDDs) and LCD pixel counts (as a result of compactness, 
but this breaks many apps who have been assuming that the 640×480 era was 
long past and that 800×600 was the bare minimum – the original plan for KDE 
4 was even to require 1024×768!)).

> and a majority of low end desktops are still 32-bit only.

Huh? What low-end desktops? All the current desktop CPUs are 64-bit. Even 
the desktop versions (not the netbook versions) of the Atom are. There may 
be some mini-desktops with netbook CPUs, but those aren't really the 
standard desktops.

        Kevin Kofler

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