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Re: Local users get to play root?

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> Beyond the issue of what is and what is not the appropriate default at
> install time..which is already a difficult issue to talk through.  I
> think there is an education gap here about how to competently admin
> PolicyKit based activities which adds frustration.

Another big issue is that polkit-gnome-authorization and polkit-kde-
authorization were not ported to / rewritten for PolicyKit 1, I've been told 
a polkit-gnome-authorization port/rewrite is not even planned anymore 
(despite having originally been a requirement for PolicyKit 1 and despite 
this being a major feature regression compared to 0.9), and the polkit-kde-
authorization port/rewrite is planned, but not even started (the people 
working on it are still busy with making the rest of PolicyKit 1 KDE 
integration happen).

The absence of a GUI policy editor combined with lack of documentation for 
the config files makes bad defaults a big issue.

        Kevin Kofler

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