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Re: Promoting i386 version over x86_64?

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 8:30 PM, Ikem Krueger <ikem krueger googlemail com> wrote:
>> Why then should someone prefer 64bit over 32bit?

> 4 Reasons:

> 1: Date/Time stamp, Unix time doesn't work in 32-bit past 2038 (not really affecting us much, most of us will replace our PCs long before then)

What do the people with 32bit cpus who won't/can't upgrade?

Then the Y2k38 problem occurs, which is what the theoretical Y2K problem would have been.

> 2: Access more than 4GB of RAM (definitely becoming increasingly important)

I hope for the apps, not for the system. I don't want to become Linux
the next Vista..

It isn't the OS itself that will be requiring more than 4GB of RAM (at least I hope not in Linux, Windows is a lost cause... Perhaps ReactOS will pull it off?), but rather the applications used on the computer. Nowadays, it isn't unusual for applications to require at least 512MB of RAM. That builds up, quite quickly.


> 3: Enhanced performance-critical computational capabilities (if you do a lot of complex HD photo, HD video, or HD audio work, or if you do a lot of raw complex math on your computer, this is EXTREMELY important)

> 4: Better virtual machine performance

Thanks for the answer. :)

You're welcome ;)

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