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Re: Promoting i386 version over x86_64?

Actually it is a pity to usually see those convos drift off with
arguments like "but my computer has...". Actually besides for netbooks
32bit is legacy. sure there is old hardware around and there is still
32bit fedora.... but with that analogy... none of them work on my c64
anyways.. and yea i know many people that still have one (<- really

jokes aside...

i find kevin koflers idea yet the best posted solution. Even the most
boring arguments like the fact that in the past 2 popular proprietary
browser plugins didnt work on 64bit platform none of them are true
anymore. (from my pov that was never really a blocker because i am the
opinion that a few proprietary things shouldnt stop a huge open source
project from progressing ahead). 64bit works since ages (actively
using it since 4 years+) and these days most of the development focus
should be on modern hardware, because this project is leaping ahead
into the future and 32bit is largely the past.

btw... you dont need to buy a netbook to get the performance benefits
of an ssd. *writing that on f12 64bit on a lenovo x301 with ssd*, and
no... ssds are not a step back but a leap ahead in many regards: power
consumption, read performance, no seek times, close to no heat
generation and no moveable parts (so no head crashes when you run
around with the laptop.) -> but that wasnt the real topic this thread
was initially about.

kind regards,
Rudolf Kastl

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